New forest plot in the town centre!

After three weeks of work we were able to experience the new eye-catcher in the emerging Carlowitz Congresscenter Chemnitz illuminated for the first time today. The atmospheric mural, professionally taken by the Chemnitz photographer Dirk Hanus, comes to the fore with the flat prevedo illuminated wall.

It is more than just a simple illustration. Through its “window design” it leaves the viewer plenty of room for the interpretation of the special relationship between “man and forest”. It radiates calm and bathes the beautiful room at the tropical house in a pleasant light.
In the spirit of the eponym, the long-lasting mural is energy- and material-saving and can be provided with other motifs in a short time if required.
We are very happy that we, as a young company from Chemnitz, were able to participate in the further development of our Stadthalle and would like to thank Dirk Hanus, Ms. Kasel, Mr. Janke, BASEG, MTW and of course the Stadthalle team for the good cooperation.
Napapach and Wolfram Junge