service around our lighting products

Take advantage of competent support to ensure that your small and large lighting projects develop the desired effect and function perfectly.

Our team will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the prevedo product family with individual LED light images and frames.
We offer a suitable service from the configuration of the lighting and control elements to the choice of motifs and the complete installation with electrical connection.
On request, we visualise your project ideas before they are realised in our factory.  If you are looking for a suitable motif, we will be happy to provide you with the pool of images from our image databases. We also carry out graphic work within this framework.

Whether a safe shipment, an elegant electrical connection, the desired lighting control or simply the best place in the room – we help you to look at everything so that the points are set for success right from the start and you can enjoy your lighting solution for a long time.


Take advantage of the future-oriented possibilities of BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the product groups ILUMAG and ILUTEX. Under these two keywords you can download the corresponding data immediately.
BIM means the three-dimensional, digital preparation of the entire building design process including construction elements or groups. A designer, for example, can integrate these elements into his software design with all the necessary features at a central location in the cloud. The provision of the BIM data relevant for the construction process allows effective access to all information and changes in real time when using suitable software (e.g. Autodesk BIM 360 or Revit).

Here you will find application tips for our products to get you started.
Don’t waste a minute changing the motif with the flexible ILUMAG flex illuminated sign! The following video shows how it works:

This is how quick and easy it is to change the motifs on the double-sided illuminated table display ILUMAG hello:

Here you can learn more about motif printing, image change, mounting and installation of the various prevedo products:
Tips for creating print-ready data for a perfect image

Notes on changing the image for ILUMAG flex,
Notes on changing the image for ILUMAG top,
Notes on image change for ILUTEX frame, ILUTEX light, ILUTEX wall, ILUTEX stele and ILUTEX star

Instructions for installation and operation of ILUMAG flex, ILUMAG perm, ILUMAG top and ILUTEX frame,
Instructions for installation and operation of ILUTEX star as a wall or ceiling system,
Instructions for installation and operation ILUTEX star as wall or ceiling lighting system with stone or glass plate,
Instructions for installation and operation ILUTEX star stand system

At this point you will find instructions for the typical installation of the LED light patterns including dimmer:
Principle arrangement for the installation of one LED light pattern,
Principle arrangement for the installation of several LED light patterns

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