prevedo for the individual hotel industry

In September we accepted the invitation of the company “Management Forum Starnberg” to the conference “Construction and Operation of Hotels 2019 – D-A-CH” in Munich and presented our versatile products to a very interested professional audience. We like to support hotels in reaching their most important goal: Satisfied guests!

Hotels receive guests from all over the world in their rooms and want to be adventure and a piece of home for them at the same time. They often act as ambassadors for their region and cultivate a certain image.
Our single-sided or double-sided lighting modules create a pleasant ambience in lobbies and large rooms. Used as room dividers with individually designed motive, they create the desired atmosphere. Advertising spaces with easily changeable motives in restaurants and bars are real eye-catchers. Due to their flatness and the use of almost invisible flat cables, prevedos light pictures can set lifts, narrow corridors and small rooms in scene and enhance them optically if necessary.
prevedos light brings a pleasant feeling of well-being into your rooms!