Modern illuminated displays for marketing and room design

prevedo Lichtmedien GmbH began producing in-house developed light presentation systems at the traditional Wirkbau industrial site in Chemnitz (formerly Schubert & Salzer) on 1/3/2018. Two mutually complementary product lines, prevedo ILUMAG and prevedo ILUTEX, are based on a new kind of LED panel. This panel provides significant benefits to its users thanks to its unique construction and manufacture. Our products can be customised and are flexible and easy to use.

We got our ideas, now ready for market, from our experiences in marketing. prevedo founder Wolfram Junge came up with this project after customers expressed their desire for attention-grabbing presentation systems. Before this, he was the managing director of BASEG, a company specialising in custom marketing production, for 20 years.

In our way of thinking, we are a manufacturer in the traditional mould, with close ties to our customers. We realise both cost-effective series for a wide range of uses and custom products to suit our customers’ needs. This makes us the go-to partner when, for example, an interior designer or trade fair stand builder wants an impressive, large illuminated display surface, or a hospital or institute wants to feature a unique and seamless signage and information system.

We would be delighted to provide comprehensive advice on all your options and questions about prevedo products.