5 - 6 mm

The robust, permanent module


7 - 8 mm

The flexible, elegant module


9 mm

The variable premium light panel


  • practically frame-free illuminated display with an elegant appearance
  • individual production as unique specimens or in series up to max. 2.5 m²
  • overall height of the lighting systems 4 - 8 mm depending on the version
  • special solutions also possible independent of mains supply with rechargeable battery

The series is designed both for standard sizes from A5 to A0 and for custom items up to a maximum of 2 x 1.25 m. It is both elegant and lightweight.

ILUMAG consists of a transparent illuminated panel, with which motifs are presented on translucent backlit foil. The motifs can be changed permanently or very easily by means of magnetic closure or adhesive surface.

Energy-efficient LED light sources, which have a long service life of over 30,000 hours, ensure uniform background lighting over the entire surface. Any mirror reflections on the visible surface are reduced to a minimum. This also guarantees a strong image effect without any loss of light at an oblique viewing angle, as well as a pleasantly calm light for the eyes.

The light module is framelessly framed on two sides with the base plate, which creates a floating effect and offers the possibility of paneling.

ILUMAG modules with elegant shadow gaps can be easily suspended by means of eyelets or rear frames. ILUMAG can be easily dimmed and switched on and off with a remote control.