Runde LED-Wandleuchte ILUTEX star


Just in time for the move of the software company domeba GmbH to the A4 business park, three “porthole luminaires” were installed at the new domicile. The flat, dimmable luminaires from prevedo’s ILUTEX star series fit wonderfully with the modern, colorful ambience of the rooms. Designed by interior designer Christian Bähr, the corridor is thus attractively structured and at the same time pleasantly illuminated. The interchangeable fabric displays can also be printed if required and are thus additional design elements.
Just in case: The luminaires can be supplied up to a diameter of three meters and in all lighting requirements. Now we wish the team of domeba much success at the new business location with the magnificent view over Chemnitz!


Why should not such a significant project as the hydrogen reference factory under the direction of the Fraunhofer IWU become reality in Chemnitz after the “Capital of Culture” title! The conditions for the location are optimal. Now, in the foyer of the IWU, two 7m² illuminated walls announce the bold visions of the researchers. The only 45 mm flat, energy-efficient ILUTEX star from prevedo allow a quick change of motifs, so that upcoming stages of the project can be presented effectively.

Good luck!


prevedo has been tinkering again! Discover ILUMAG tile – the unique LED illuminated tile for changeable motifs in the kitchen and bathroom. It creates the freedom to bring existing or new tile backsplashes to life with light at any time. A novel adhesive technology allows you to update your dream motifs at any time. The illuminated picture tile is water-protected and 6 mm flat, just like standard ceramic tiles. The connection cable is laid “invisibly” in the tile joint.

It´s Christmas time in Zwönitz

The pretty Erzgebirge town Zwönitz has a special surprise for its citizens in this extraordinary pre-Christmas season: the Zwäntzer Advent calendar. Every day, a motif from the diverse city life of previous years lights up at the town hall – each a sign of commitment and optimism.
Now prevedo has delivered the last 22 of the total of 30 individual window light pictures and nothing should stand in the way of the Zwönitz Christmas celebration. Maybe you will also make a Christmas tour through the picturesque Erzgebirge this year? A visit to Zwönitz is always worthwhile!

And if you’ve already made yourself comfortable on the couch, here’s the link to the online calendar.

leuchtende Duschrückwand

Showering can be so beautiful with water and light!

In the Fliesen & Sanitärhaus on the Kaßberg in Chemnitz you can now admire it: the new wellness oasis with a luminous back wall by prevedo. If you would like to afford something exclusive, you should definitely stop by and get inspiration and advice. Because in the end, each illuminated wall is individually manufactured – according to your needs and taste.


ILUTEX stele

Boom in the Chemnitz Industrial Museum

On 11 July, the Saxon State Exhibition opens and with it the new permanent exhibition in the Industrial Museum in Chemnitz. It is about no less than 500 years of industrial culture in Saxony – and prevedo is part of it with a luminous colon. Our system ILUTEX stele vividly presents the working world at a monster of steam hammer and leads on the other side into the world of modern communication. One of the many arcs of tension in this worth seeing exhibition. We wish you much success!