ILUTEX stele

Boom in the Chemnitz Industrial Museum

On 11 July, the Saxon State Exhibition opens and with it the new permanent exhibition in the Industrial Museum in Chemnitz. It is about no less than 500 years of industrial culture in Saxony – and prevedo is part of it with a luminous colon. Our system ILUTEX stele vividly presents the working world at a monster of steam hammer and leads on the other side into the world of modern communication. One of the many arcs of tension in this worth seeing exhibition. We wish you much success!

Klang von Gold

“Sound of Gold” – State Industry Ball 2019

Also this year we were invited to decorate the State Industry Ball with our lighting elements. The enthusiastic reactions of the audience show that the motto “Sound of Gold” was very successfully implemented. The artists, the culinary delights and last but not least the appropriate ambience contributed to the overall harmonious and atmospheric ball.

Leuchtende Säule

Employer branding at ADMEDIA in Plauen

The company ADMEDIA has found a special way to show the appreciation of its committed and qualified employees*. In the foyer of the Plauen location, the portraits of the employees are presented on a luminous column. For this purpose, eight ILUMAG perm were installed on an existing concrete column, which now creates a special ambience in the reception area with new lightness.
Would you also like to show your attractive employer side? We will be happy to advise you!

New forest plot in the town centre!

After three weeks of work we were able to experience the new eye-catcher in the emerging Carlowitz Congresscenter Chemnitz illuminated for the first time today. The atmospheric mural, professionally taken by the Chemnitz photographer Dirk Hanus, comes to the fore with the flat prevedo illuminated wall.

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Konferenz "Bau und Betrieb von Hotels 2019 - D-A-CH"

prevedo for the individual hotel industry

In September we accepted the invitation of the company “Management Forum Starnberg” to the conference “Construction and Operation of Hotels 2019 – D-A-CH” in Munich and presented our versatile products to a very interested professional audience. We like to support hotels in reaching their most important goal: Satisfied guests!
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