≥ 6mm

The flexible, elegant module


≥ 6 mm

The robust, permanent module


  • practically frame-free illuminated display with an elegant appearance
  • series available in standard sizes from A5 to a maximum of 2.5m²
  • customised manufacture to your specifications possible
  • off-grid with power bank – run time up to 8 hours

The series is designed both for standard sizes from A5 to A0 and for custom items up to a maximum of 2 x 1.25m. It is both elegant and lightweight.

The module consists of one transparent illuminated panel in which various images can be laid on a transparent backlit film. Images are very easy to swap out thanks to a magnetic closure.

Energy-efficient LED lights with a long life of more than 30,000 hours provide the backlighting. The panel is evenly illuminated across its entire surface. This reduces any potential mirror-like reflections to a minimum on the viewing area. This also provides a strong effect for the image without losing light at angled viewpoints, plus a flicker-free light your eyes will appreciate.

The illuminated module is held together by the base panel, creating a floating visual effect.

The ILUMAG modules are easy to mount with eyelets or a back frame with elegant shadow joints. ILUMAG is also easy to dim and switch on and off with an additional remote control.